Hey, how’s it goin? I’m Jon Sullivan, or as most people call me, Sully.

I got my first good electric guitar (a 1983 BC Rich NJ Warlock) at 14, and did my first pickup swap on it out of necessity. I’ve been working on guitars in one form or another since then. I learned a lot from my guitar teacher and all around good guy who kinda kept me out of trouble as a teenage Sully, Steve Harnack. He owns Park Avenue Guitarz in Lombard, IL, and he built me my first custom guitar when I was 16. Soon after, I quickly became hooked on the custom feel. I mean, really; why buy something off the rack when you can have a guitar built for you? How cool is that? Very.

As a guitar builder, my biggest influence is Grover Jackson. While it might be a knee-jerk-reaction for some ill-informed, mouth breathing corksniffer to scoff, shake his head, and say “Jacksons are pointy 80s guitars, DUDE“, that’s just that; ill-informed mouth breather corksniffery. Grover Jackson brought great things to the world of electric guitars and doesn’t get half of the credit he deserves. High performance instruments featuring new, modern designs, and compound radiused fretboards were some of the things that he pioneered. Models like the Rhoads, Soloist, and the King V are still iconic designs over 30 years later and his new company, GJ2, is producing fantastic stuff. Grover Jackson is the Leo Fender/Ted McCarty of my generation and I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to chat with him about guitar building. It’s humbling to be able to communicate with the man who was responsible for creating the guitars of my idols.