All instruments are built in Italy with the highest precision, accuracy and passion.

The process starts from the careful choice of woods, which are industrially dried to 5% of their inner moisture for perfect stability.

Computer design and high precision CNC machining are integrated with quality handwork, for the best result.

Necks are carved entirely from a single piece, properly dried and stabilized with high-strength carbon fiber rods,  for maximum stability and rigidity. The precise double action truss rod have sealed lubrication.

In the same way,  are also available ebony necks, for the better smoothness and a truly unique beauty.

Fret slots are internal to the fingerboard, without external cuts on the sides, for a natural binding. Moreover, the slots are curved and adjacent to the bottom of the fret tangs.

This means no empty spaces, for a solid fretboard with improved stability, sustain and beauty.

Pick ups and bolt-on necks are screwed directly into the wood through steel threaded bushings for greater precision and durability.

All the choices, from woods to components, are guided and recommended to the customers, according to aesthetic and sound needs.

In addition to the proposed models and solutions, can be designed custom shapes, neck profiles, extended scales and ranges.