Zerberus Guitars Gorgonized Nemesis Onyx Fantastico “Red Light” 2016

OK here is a new one for you, Zerberus Guitars of Germany. They offer a very unique approach to building guitars that look and sound amazing! Red Dragon Guitars is proud to be an authorized Zerberus Guitar representative here in the States. Ask about our layaway plan that allows you up to 60 days to pay. Ships free in the lower 48.
Here is a description of a “Gorgonized” guitar:

Stone and wood have a completely different micro structure.
On a wood top the sound waves move along the wood grain much stronger than to the side.
On a stone top the sound waves spread much more even in all directions making the whole top resonate with a long
and even sustain.
This is because stone has a dense molecular crystal grid structure while wood has an open cell structure.
Mounting the bridge directly on the stone top with the strings going thru the Mahogany body allows a very strong attack and continuous and even sustain.
The gorgonized guitars offer distinct acoustic volume, even unplugged.
Played through an amp, they deliver a well balanced sound that stays clear even in high gain.
Even with their chambered bodies and stone tops, they aren’t prone to feedback nor are they any heavier than an average guitar. They will however sustain much longer than a traditionally built wooden guitar.

Top: Onyx Fantastico “Red Light”. This kind of stone can be found in Mexico.
Weight: 8.4lb
Neck scale: 648mm (25.5″ scale)
Neck profile C-Shape
Fretboard radius: 14″
Fretboard made of Rosewood
Tuners: Wilkinson locking tuners
Nut: Wilkinson roller nut
Medium fret size 24 frets
Neck material: Hard Maple with Purple Heart stripes
Truss rod: Double action Truss Rod
Bridge: Wilkinson Roller Bridge
Strap-Lock system
Chambered Body: Light Pink Mahogany
4-ply pinstripe (Black – Silver)
Pickups: Kammmerstein Quadrail humbuckers
Potiknobs: My own Zerberus Design with Onyx Fantastico caps
Controls: Master Volume / Master Tone
Both potentiometers are push-pull-types.
Each knob can split one humbucker into single coil (sounds incredible and makes the guitar extremely versatile)
The top is 5mm (0.196″) thick and stabilized with a fiberglass backing net.
The guitar comes inside a luxury hard case that was built explicit for the Nemesis guitars.
Of course a certificate is included.


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