​Founded in 2011 by Scott and Greg Lienhard, Acacia Guitars is the maker of premier guitars for amateurs and professional alike. Starting their small business in their parents’ garage, Scott and Greg at first built just one guitar at a time with just a few tools. When their business started to grow, they started to gain the knowledge and expertise to create handcrafted custom made instruments.

As dedicated musicians and devoted woodworkers, Scott and Greg fell into their profession naturally. They use the tools and craftsmanship that have been tested and proven by the forces of time, but they combine these traditions with cutting-edge technologies. Thus, Acacia Guitars is able to produce high-quality, custom guitars that are designed with the player’s personality and preferences in mind.  Mixing comfortable shapes with contoured arms and body cuts, an Acacia guitar can be played with ease for hours at a stretch, the way a guitar is supposed to be.

Greg Lienhard attended woodworking school for four years, studying architectural millwork, design, production management, and string instrument making. While he was at school, he gained the business knowledge necessary run a successful business and polished his understanding of what it is that makes one instrument better than another.